Hawbaker: Poison ivy the most irritating of all weeds

One weed which I dislike more than any other is poison ivy, because of my past history of suffering from the rash caused by the oil in the plant.

Over the years, I’ve had poison ivy rash on my hands, feet, arms, legs, face and more. Most of the time, the contact with the plant leaves took place in the summer months, but one year in December while digging up vines, oil got on my skin causing the rash. You may think that vines that appear to be dead are harmless, but apparently, the oil may live for years on the vine. One Boy Scout Troop burned vines and several of the boys got rash on their face and eyes from the smoke.

Zanfel Wash For Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac review

Poison Ivy I'm both a child and it was the worst experience of my life, and also very scary because I had no idea what it was and lost a lot of time before speaking my parents, worried they'll rush to the hospital will never be heard of him (I was very fatalistic as a child). And, at the time, there was very little relief from the constant itching Poison Ivy aside from cream or Benadryl pills that honestly did not have much impact at all, and I ended while having to wait several weeks before the rash went away himself. And this was the most miserable two weeks of my life.

Stay clear of poison ivy

  1. I've found it to be much more effective and a lot cheaper than Zanfel but having seen this video, I'm definitely going with a degreaser like Dawn in the future. (And, like this gentleman, I haven't had a major outbreak of poison ivy in 15 years and I'm
  2. Whether you are in a field clearing brush or working on a logging site, you need to be aware of the plants that can leave a lasting (and itchy) impression on you. Most people have heard the old saying. “Leaves of three, let it be.” Before learning the
  3. A minor rash can be treated with over the counter medications, such as Zanfel or Cortizone-10. If blisters or tenderness develops, seek medical attention for a prescribed treatment. You can help ease the itching sensation by applying hot water to the
  4. Zanfel and Technu Extreme are the brands I've found most helpful in removing the urushiol — but only if all skin exposed to the toxin is cleansed. Wash all exposed skin immediately — within 10 minutes, if possible — and thoroughly. Urushiol is water
  5. “The itch is insatiable," says Dan Boelman of Zanfel Laboratories in Clive, "it keeps you up at night.” It's part of summer…poison ivy and its victims. “People come into the pharmacy and you look at their arms and legs and you see that they've