Poison ivy is sticky business

A: The sap of poison ivy, which contains the oil, urushiol, will stick to more than just your skin.

It will stick to garden tools, camping equipment, clothing and even shoe laces for months. Washing the urushiol out of clothes is difficult because the oil is not very soluble in water. Wash contaminated clothes in a strong soap like Fells Naptha laundry bar. Rinse with several changes of water, and rinse the machine between loads. Do not put your gardening pants in the dryer, but allow them to dry on the line for several days in the hot sun. To get the sap off of your skin, there are specially prepared cleansing agents like Tecnu Skin Cleanser, Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub and Zanfel that remove much of the rash-causing oil if applied to the skin within four to eight hours of contact.

Zanfel Wash For Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac review

Poison Ivy I'm both a child and it was the worst experience of my life, and also very scary because I had no idea what it was and lost a lot of time before speaking my parents, worried they'll rush to the hospital will never be heard of him (I was very fatalistic as a child). And, at the time, there was very little relief from the constant itching Poison Ivy aside from cream or Benadryl pills that honestly did not have much impact at all, and I ended while having to wait several weeks before the rash went away himself. And this was the most miserable two weeks of my life.

Peoria area Salvation Army red kettle campaign expected to fall short

  1. “The itch is insatiable,” says Dan Boelman of Zanfel Laboratories in Clive, “it keeps you up at night.” It's part of summer…poison ivy and its victims. “People come into the pharmacy and you look at their arms and legs and you see that they've
  2. After the campaign extension, the Salvation Army announced Sunday its totals were up to $252,000, with change still to be counted and a $10,000 pledged kettle match from Zanfel Labs of Peoria still on the way. The red kettle totals in the Peoria region
  3. Summer is finally here. That means you will be spending more time gardening, hiking, walking, running, and camping. There are many precautions you can take to prevent getting poison ivy, as well as a slew of new products you can use if you do get
  4. The event has grown to become a part of the Zanfel Great Plains Trail Series and will also be a part in the Wilderness Act celebration. To help celebrate the Wilderness Act's 50th anniversary, this year's 5k run is sponsored by the Nebraska National
  5. The Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health said a stomach bug is hitting in Sapulpa and Okmulgee, but many of our doctors and nurses are seeing skin rashes due to Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac. Most people will have intense itching and rash.