Innovacyn introduces new formulation of Vetericyn Plus

Vetericyn Plus is a product line of innovative solutions indicated for wounds, cuts, lacerations, abrasions, ear ailments and eye irritations. Uniquely formulated, the technology platform offers a non-toxic and antibiotic free solution that is highly effective in dermal cleaning and debriding, allowing for optimal healing conditions. The new formulation includes a higher concentration of hypochlorous making it up to three times as concentrated as original Vetericyn without requiring any withdrawal period.

Scott Van Winkle, Director of Animal Health Marketing at Innovacyn stated: “This is the product the animal health industry has been looking for. Because it contains no antibiotics, it is safe to use and will not be harmful to the animal. Our technology platform is evidence based and revolutionary for livestock production.”

Vetericyn Inc. Launches Feline Wound and Infection Treatment ...

Vetericyn Feline Formula Vetericyn ® is effective in the treatment of various diseases in cats, including a state veterinarians commonly referred as "hot spots" summer sores "or" wet eczema, in which a first, the results of an irritated lesion of a cat scratch constantly, chewing or licking all areas of itchy skin. Other indications include insect bites, rashes, ulcers, burns, cuts and scrapes, eye infections, ear infections and external sites post-operatively.

AgriClear Collaborates with Canadian Beef Breeds Council

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  2. AgriClear has entered into a collaborative marketing agreement with the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC), an umbrella organization representing the purebred cattle sector in Canada. Based in Calgary, the non-profit CBBC works with various 
  3. The makers of Vetericyn and Puracyn Plus will be our special guest Thursday on Rural America Live. Viewers are familiar with Vetericyn products and how they are used on animals, and this program will feature Puracyn Plus – the products for humans.
  4. Innovacyn, a leader in innovative medical devices in the human and animal health industry, announced a new and improved formulation in their animal line of healthcare products—Vetericyn Plus, available for all animal species, regardless of age
  5. Vetericyn FoamCare™ is an easy on, easy off conditioning shampoo that is applied as a foaming spray for quick coverage and less mess. Once lathered into the animal's coat it provides a deeper clean that nourishes the skin. For each coat type, it