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Joplin Humane Society wins popularity contest

The Joplin Humane Society was one of six non-profits to win the "Vetericyn Loves Animals" charity contest. The prize was a year's supply of Vetericyn wound and skin care products. The local group was amongst the winners that received the most votes out of a total of 129 groups nominated on the Vetericyn website. The groups were categorized by those who serve primrily small animals (cats, dogs, exotics, etc.) and those that serve large animals (horses, mules, donkeys, etc.). Voting took place for four weeks on the Vetericyn Facebook page with more than 32,000 votes coming in for all the charities.

Vetericyn Inc. Launches Feline Wound and Infection Treatment ...

Vetericyn Feline Formula Vetericyn ® is effective in the treatment of various diseases in cats, including a state veterinarians commonly referred as "hot spots" summer sores "or" wet eczema, in which a first, the results of an irritated lesion of a cat scratch constantly, chewing or licking all areas of itchy skin. Other indications include insect bites, rashes, ulcers, burns, cuts and scrapes, eye infections, ear infections and external sites post-operatively.

  1. Topical sprays such as Vetericyn can also be helpful to fight bacterial and fungal infections; and others with steroids can reduce itching and/or inflammation. Cold laser therapy can also play a very important role in healing lick granulomas. This