FAQ: Where to buy Sonotube?

FAQIs there a store in victoria that would sell 8" diameter sonotube or cardboard tube. I am planning to use it as my housing for 3" tang band speakers i just ordered.

A: Here in the States I know that you can get it at HOME DEPOT or LOWES. But any buliding supply store should carry it.

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One last question. Thought using laminated to cover the tube and heard something really thin to a friend. Of course, he did not have a name or a place to buy. I was at Home Depot and they do not laminated stock. Have you bought one? If yes, where and before buying, it is a good idea, or should I just stick with the fabric.

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  1. Employees of Septagon Construction Co., in Sedalia, Dallas Bandy, left, and Nick Faulconer pick up the cardboard sonotube that they stripped away from the concrete base of a light post on the parking lot of Rick Ball Ford. The new building will replace
  2. Removing the structure's skirting, the VanZants discovered leaking pipes and the Sonotube foundation tilted downhill. “My first interaction was with the city manager,” said VanZant of writing to Wrede. “We certainly didn't want to sabotage the (gas
  3. build_ultimate_shooting_range_bench_F A recent move put me a short drive from the family farm and the subsequent ability to create something I've always wanted: my own shooting range. I'd have unlimited access 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.
  4. For added strength, they used a Sonotube commonly used as the foundation for signposts, embedding the sculpture in concrete two feet deep, 18 inches in diameter. “The sculpture itself is not that heavy,” Morrow said, “but it has a very, very sturdy base.”.
  5. “Just a two-by-four with a piece of sono tube stuck on it. Just sort of cobbled together,” Smith explained the pipe's construction. “It's just a tarp bought that at a local hardware store. Cut that into strips and tied it around,” he said about the