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Corrosion Technologies Corporation is the company behind the popular products and ReJeX CorrosionX. Their long-lasting, high performance products for car care to give your vehicle protection unbeatable! In the case of ReJeX, you'll enjoy months of near-paint protection and maintenance-free high gloss finish high output. With CorrosionX, you can stop in its tracks to prevent corrosion and corrosion to come with a protective coating for long term. This stuff is fantastic. I bought about 3 years on site and applied it to half of my boat used other things on the other half.

  1. On YouTube, an Iraqi war veteran, as part of his “Rejex Dumb Dummy” project, uploaded a video of smoking coffee in close quarters. “I never tried it before,” said the user down4mah2. “I didn't know they were flammable,” he said as he lit the bean with