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Corrosion Technologies Corporation is the company behind the popular products and ReJeX CorrosionX. Their long-lasting, high performance products for car care to give your vehicle protection unbeatable! In the case of ReJeX, you'll enjoy months of near-paint protection and maintenance-free high gloss finish high output. With CorrosionX, you can stop in its tracks to prevent corrosion and corrosion to come with a protective coating for long term. This stuff is fantastic. I bought about 3 years on site and applied it to half of my boat used other things on the other half.

Ten things 30 June-7 July 2015

  1. Lakewood Yacht Club would like to thank this year's Serralles Shoe Regatta sponsors who made this regatta possible: The City of Seabrook, Little Yacht Sales, The Yacht Sales Company, The Yacht Service Company, OJ's Marine,, Blackburn 
  2. His reputation was boosted by the release of mixtape “1999” in 2012, followed by “Rejex” and “Summer Knights” in 2013. Now recently Bada$$ has released his debut studio album, “B4.Da.$$”, which revealed a rap style harking back to a golden era of 
  3. The appropriately titled Rejex is a compilation of 14 songs that didn't make the cut on his first offering, 1999. Although they were rejected, make no mistake; these tracks are no slouches. He opens with a bold declaration of “back when rappers were
  4. 17-year-old Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ just released Rejex, the aptly-titled compilation of leftover recordings from his heralded 1999 mixtape. The 14-track effort contains tracks produced by Madlib and 9th Wonder, as well as demos recorded two years
  5. Joey Bada$$ is following up his 1999 debut mixtape with Rejex, which includes songs that didn't make the last project, some of which were recorded two years ago when he was 15 years old. Check out the Brooklyn rapper's explanation, tracklist then