Book Review: Enlightened Polymer Clay

Gossamer thin leaves, delicate blossoms and chunky pebbles, these and many more designs inspired by the natural world are presented in this collection of interesting, easily made jewelry. While most projects are rendered in polymer clay, a few like Necklace 14 with its interlocking textured rings, make use of PMC3 or precious metal clay. There is a necklace, earring and pendant set that cleverly mimics porcupine quills or sea urchin spines. One of the cute, highly textured chokers looks as though it were created from little patties of gropple which, for those of you who dont live in northern

McGlynn Middle School students receive clay donation

  1. Powered by the new Core 3 OS, PMC3 control systems provide a powerful IT-based backbone for simplified, affordable whole house control and automation. Combining affordability with faster processing speeds, onscreen display, long-range wireless 
  2. Students in Debbie Corleto's eighth-grade art class at the McGlynn Middle School were the lucky recipients of a gracious donation of PMC3 clay. The donation was made possible by Donna Petrillo of Medford Fitness Center. Corleto and Petrillo met while 
  3. PMC3 is a soft clay made of fine silver particles, binder and water. The jewelry pieces will be fired in a kiln, and the instructor will work with the student on finishing each piece. Ceramic or jewelry experience is helpful, but not required. Fee for
  4. Παρακολούθησε μαθήματα αργυροχρυσοχοΐας στο Πολιτισμικό Κέντρο Αγ. Αναργύρων, σεμινάρια PMC3 (πολύτιμου μεταλλικού πηλού) στο Vortex Studio και μαθήματα Nuno Felting (μια αρχαία ιαπωνική τεχνική σύμπλησης φυσικού μαλλιού προβάτων και 
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