La brosse à dents Orabrush de Broxo

Broxo n'est pas l'acteur le plus connu du marché de la brosse à dents électrique (BDE) et pourtant il en est bel et bien l'inventeur. Son premier modèle est sorti en 1959. Actuellement, la marque propose un unique modèle de BDE, l'Orabrush, ainsi qu'un jet dentaire et des accessoires (brossettes, nettoyeur de langue...). L'Orabrush utilise la technologie sonique et promet un effet de stimulation sur les gencives qui permettrait aux dentistes de recommander ce modèle dans le cas de certaines maladies de la gencive. Broxo affiche en effet de nombreuses études cliniques à son avantage. Affublée

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

OraBrush Why? Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the language and everyone has some degree of bad breath. There are many specific language choices. OraBrush is the only one that cleans deep into the crevices of the tongue gently remove bad breath bacteria. This bacteria can often be seen as "white matter", especially on the back of the tongue 2 reasons why a toothbrush will not effectively clean the tongue. The toothbrush bristles removes only the upper part of the bacteria found on the surface of the tongue.

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  1. The new company, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is led by Jeff Davis, the Procter & Gamble Co. sales alum who launched Orabrush and will continue as that company's CEO. While Molio will do programmatic buying and digital media optimization like many 
  2. Dental hygiene brand Orabrush is spinning off a video marketing company dubbed Molio, backed by $3 million in funding. “Molio was born out of our runaway success at Orabrush, where we built two multimillion-dollar brands exclusively on YouTube,” CEO 
  3. Orabrush, a startup that has become better known for its social-media and YouTube campaigns than for the tongue-scrapers that the company sells, will spin out its successful online video department into an independent company, to be called Molio. Molio
  4. Molio developed their technology while helping to build the popular consumer product brands: Orabrush and Orapup. Orabrush helps with bad breath and Orapup helps your dog's breath. Videos for these unique products have been popular on YouTube and 
  5. JustOne, a charitable pet venture started by actress Katherine Heigl, reached out to Orabrush, which built two multimillion dollar brands on YouTube, to help save lives of homeless animals by raising awareness and funds. The video encourages viewers to