How to make one of the greatest YouTube ads of all time

What was your involvement in the creation of the YouTube series?

I was brought on as an angel investor in 2009 assisted to set up a board and eventually transitioned into the chief executive role in 2010.

Orabrush founder 80-year-old Robert "Dr. Bob" Wagstaff invented the Orabrush tongue cleaner in the early 2000s to help cure bad breath.

A decade of failed marketing ventures later, including a costly infomercial, Dr. Bob was unable to find an audience for his tongue cleaner. It wasn't until he joined forces with a college student in 2009 to produce this iconic YouTube video that Orabrush took off. That video proved to be the launching pad for many more funny, informative videos about bad breath and the Orabrush.

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

OraBrush Why? Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the language and everyone has some degree of bad breath. There are many specific language choices. OraBrush is the only one that cleans deep into the crevices of the tongue gently remove bad breath bacteria. This bacteria can often be seen as "white matter", especially on the back of the tongue 2 reasons why a toothbrush will not effectively clean the tongue. The toothbrush bristles removes only the upper part of the bacteria found on the surface of the tongue.