DenTek's™ Orabrush Dances Away Bad Breath for National Fresh Breath Day

, Brand Director at DenTek. "Beyond the physical, there are a lot of oral health concerns including gum disease and bacteria that come from not having a healthy mouth and it is our job as the #1 tongue cleaning brand to help the world have fresher breath and improve their up-close confidence," said Scharfman.

Using its 30-plus years of experience developing innovative oral care products, DenTek and its latest acquisition Orabrush continue to promote healthy oral care hygiene for the entire family. "A confident and healthy smile is very important to our consumers and today is just the first example of raising awareness of the importance a clean tongue has on your breath." Please continue to follow the brand and our dancing tongues across the country as they visit college campuses with the DenTek tooth fairy squad this fall! #FreshFlashDance @Orabrush @Dentek.  

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

OraBrush Why? Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the language and everyone has some degree of bad breath. There are many specific language choices. OraBrush is the only one that cleans deep into the crevices of the tongue gently remove bad breath bacteria. This bacteria can often be seen as "white matter", especially on the back of the tongue 2 reasons why a toothbrush will not effectively clean the tongue. The toothbrush bristles removes only the upper part of the bacteria found on the surface of the tongue.

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