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The 25 Most Influential Kingmakers in Consumer and Retailer Companies

Earlier this year, we put together a list of the 25 most innovative consumer and retail companies —the CircleUp 25 .  Today we are releasing the CircleUp Kingmakers—25 of the most influential “kingmakers” in consumer and retail.  They are men and women whose names repeatedly arise in conversations with industry experts and consumer companies large and small. In researching this article, I talked with consumer and retail entrepreneurs, public consumer and retail companies, private equity firms, angel investors, and service providers including distributors, marketing firms and consumer focused consulting firms. And they are those men and women who in our opinion at CircleUp deserve to be included among the inaugural CircleUp Kingmakers.

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

OraBrush Why? Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the language and everyone has some degree of bad breath. There are many specific language choices. OraBrush is the only one that cleans deep into the crevices of the tongue gently remove bad breath bacteria. This bacteria can often be seen as "white matter", especially on the back of the tongue 2 reasons why a toothbrush will not effectively clean the tongue. The toothbrush bristles removes only the upper part of the bacteria found on the surface of the tongue.

How Brands are Using Video to Succeed Online: VidCon 2014

  1. If you don't know the Orabrush story, it's a toothbrush for your tongue. The product never got any attention until they made a cheap video and promoted it on YouTube. Now it's a quite successful business. Austin Craig gave his four C's to marketing a
  2. One great example of another company doing this, but with a product, is OraBrush. I had the opportunity to sit down with their CEO Jeff Davis at the Industry Reception and what they are doing in the online space is just remarkable. OraBrush is one of