Queen of Clean's back-to-school tips and tricks

PHOENIX -- When the kids start back to school the spots, stains and smells come home every day. These are some of the problems I get asked about most along with some easy fixes.

BACKPACKS: Backpacks take a real beating, but cleaning them can be easy. For fabric, spray with Carpet CPR , wait five minutes and then rub with a damp microfiber cloth. Keep rubbing until no more dirt is removed, keeping the cloth rinsed well.

Spraying with a fabric protector will make it easier to clean. Look for Scotchgard® in the grocery store or big box stores. For vinyl packs or trim, simply wring out the microfiber cloth in warm water and rub until the pack is clean.

ODORZOUT All Natural Odor Fighting Formula Showcased on PetGadgets.com

Geoff Mott, founder of PetGadgets, is selective in choosing products that allows the site. ODORZOUT ™ is pleased to have her all natural odor fighting formula presented on the site of a www.PetGadgets.com popular online retail.

Just a light application of our mineral based powders or granules make kitty litter and dog odors disappear. Our products do not cover odors with heavy perfumes. They eliminate odors on contact. The secret is a blend of Zeolites - minerals with a honeycomb structure that absorb and trap noxious odors.

Stinky Odors Be Gone

  1. Geoff Mott, founder of PetGadgets, is selective in choosing which products he allows on the site. ODORZOUT™ is pleased to have its all natural odor fighting formula showcased on http://www.PetGadgets.com a popular online retail site. Just a light
  2. Offensive odors seem much stronger on hot, muggy summer days. Manufacturers are offerings a variety of solutions to rid your home of these noxious smells. Odorzout is promoted as trapping like a sponge odors such as mildew, smoke, pet accidents and