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Nopalea Juice - TriVita Sonoran Bloom

With NOPALEA, you can tap into a very rare class of antioxidants called betalaines, which develop in the fruit Nopal. They can power your life by helping to protect against premature aging, disease causes inflammation control, promote optimal health cellular and cleanse your body of toxins. NOPALEA offers scientifically proven health benefits with more than 100 + scientific studies that show that this unique class of antioxidants can do. NOPALEA is your health in a bottle. "From the desert to your home, NOPALEA holds the wonders of a fruit used for centuries by the ancient peoples of their lands.

Cactus juice company to refund millions after prickly health claims

  1. The FTC alleged that TriVita and EMC had engaged in false advertising and deceptive sales practices in connection with the sale of the “Nopalea” cactus fruit drink, which TriVita and EMC marketed as an effective treatment for inflammation of joints and 
  2. The Federal Trade Commission says health claims made by dietary supplement company TriVita, Inc., about its cactus juice cocktail Nopalea are unfounded. Today the FTC announced TriVita has agreed to give consumers $3.5 million in refunds to settle 
  3. Dietary supplement company TriVita agreed to refund the $3.5 million to consumers related to its sale and marketing of a "prickly pear" cactus drink, Nopalea, for which it charged up to $39.99 for a 32 oz. container and claimed it would treat various
  4. The defendants' infomercials featuring celebrity endorser and former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, market Nopalea as an “anti-inflammatory wellness drink” that relieves pain, reduces and relieves joint and muscle swelling, improves breathing and alleviates