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This was also the first tri-Ace game released in the States, giving us a first glimpse into some of their more quirky traits as well. For example, the game features two CDs, and each provides a quest with a different protagonist. tri-Ace loves to double down on the content to the point of being a little excessive. Both adventures have a nearly limitless supply of endings depending on which characters your hero recruits and which characters your hero interacts with the most during special events.

Speaking of which, this game stars a lovely cast of characters like the goldilocks space cadet Claude, who finds himself stranded on an underdeveloped planet, and his lady friend Rena, a girl with mysterious magical powers. Call that original, huh?

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This week's North East appointments

  1. Randomised phase II/III study of docetaxel with or without risedronate in patients with metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC), the Netherlands Prostate Study (NePro). Eur J Cancer 2012; 48: 2993–3000. | Article | PubMed | ISI | CAS 
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  3. According to a recent announcement by Nepro Japan, the mobile gaming company has just acquired tri-Ace after buying out all of the company's shares. Nepro apparently plans to use tri-Ace's experience in creating console RPG's to make better mobile 
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  5. Kid Nepro's 5th release for Krome is now available. Korg Krome Volume #5 - Killer Keyboards is a mix of new keyboard sounds (64 New Programs). Kid Nepro had this to say, "From our experience as programmers and keyboard players, we know one thing