Star Ocean Beginner's Guide — Where to Get Started


This was also the first tri-Ace game released in the States, giving us a first glimpse into some of their more quirky traits as well. For example, the game features two CDs, and each provides a quest with a different protagonist. tri-Ace loves to double down on the content to the point of being a little excessive. Both adventures have a nearly limitless supply of endings depending on which characters your hero recruits and which characters your hero interacts with the most during special events.

Speaking of which, this game stars a lovely cast of characters like the goldilocks space cadet Claude, who finds himself stranded on an underdeveloped planet, and his lady friend Rena, a girl with mysterious magical powers. Call that original, huh?

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Nepro Japan Acquires Tri-Ace

  1. Nepro Japan are a company that focuses on mobile phones, mainly on its sales business, along with mobile game development, staffing and contracting for mobile shops. Lately, they've been looking to strengthen their mobile games business, which resulted 
  2. Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile developer Tri-Ace has been acquired by Japanese mobile gaming company Nepro Japan. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Fans of these and other Tri-Ace games are concerned that these franchises might be 
  3. We all thought when Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean developer tri-Ace was purchased by mobile publisher Nepro Japan, we'd never see a console release from them again. We sure were wrong. Not only is tri-Ace working on peculiarly named Star Ocean: 
  4. It appears as though mobile developer Nepro Japan has fully acquired the studio that built Star Ocean, Resonance of Fate, and one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time, Valkyrie Profile. The acquisition will force tri-Ace into a mobile
  5. Star Ocean development studio tri-Ace has just been bought out by mobile gaming company Nepro Japan, leaving many fans of the polarizing RPG studio worried about its future. When it comes to the grand scale of RPG history, tri-Ace has seen some