The X Button - Interview: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

'S stylish PlayStation 4 action game Lily Bergamo , which was abruptly canceled in 2014. We saw only a trailer and some promotional artwork.

Various pieces of Lily Bergamo re-formed into Suda51's new Let It Die for the PlayStation 4, but Tae herself disappeared with her game's cancellation. So as we take in the new trailer for Let It Die , we should remember that there's no point in scanning the backgrounds and costumes for Tae Ioroi cameos. She is not there.

Let It Die continues Suda51's efforts to simultaneously parody violent modern video games and play to them. It's a free-to-play “survival action game” where players roam a grimy, multi-tiered clump of a city that holds everything from glossy skyscrapers to rotting theme parks. The default setting outfits the player's character with swim trunks and bare fists, but all sorts of outfits and weapons and opportunities for murder await.

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The X Button Interview: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

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