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Go Dairy Free | MimicCreme Releases New HealthyTop Dairy-Free ...

Green Rabbit, LLC, the parent company of MimicCreme ®, today announced the launch of its dairy products truly free, non-soy, gluten, cholesterol, long-life cream whipping is a healthy mix almonds and cashews called Top Health ®. Vegan Healthy Back ® uses all natural flavors for a deliciously creamy without hydrogenated or fractionated oils and No. 60 of polysorbate. Top Health ® does not contain fructose corn syrup, high and all its ingredients are non-GMO. HealthyTop ® is lactose free, caseinates hidden.The product is packaged in 16 ounce shelf with shelf life of 18 months and is certified Kosher Pareve under the supervision Kof-K Kosher.

Ask Alisa: Is there a good dairy-free substitute for coffee creamer?

  1. ALBANY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VegNews, America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine, is pleased to announce Green Rabbit's HealthyTop® as one of the year's hottest new vegetarian products at the nation's largest natural products trade show, 
  2. MimicCreme - dairy-free, gluten-free Q: Mary – As vegetarians, our greatest challenge to becoming vegan is that we deeply enjoy our morning ritual of traditional European coffees and Australian “flat whites” [made with organic milk]. However, our
  3. Some brands, like MimicCreme, achieve their thickness with finely lacerated cashews and almonds. 6. Refrigerated Dough Products: “We will probably see canola oil increase more because we know it has some benefits, and it can be very stable in these 
  4. Increasing demand for soy-free and all-natural dairy alternatives has led to the rise of MimicCreme. They have several nut-based cream alternatives, including their Healthy Top Whipping Cream. Again, this is one that you whip yourself, but I've heard
  5. The makers of MimicCreme overcame long odds to get their all-natural cream substitute onto supermarket shelves. Now the family-owned start-up company in Albany will see if consumers share their enthusiasm for the product. "We've been told in the food