MimicCreme Non Dairy Creamer at Kosherfest 2009. blog.kosher.com | Jamie Geller from Kosher.com visits Kosherfest 2009 and talks to the kind people from MimicCreme, a healthy non dairy, non soy ...

Green Rabbit, LLC, Makers of MimicCreme®, Wins 2011 VegNews Best of Show Award for its HealthyTop® Whipping ...

Contains no hydrogenated oils, no hidden caseinates, no high-fructose corn syrup, no polysorbate 60 and no artificial flavors. It is shelf stable for 2 years from date of manufacture and once thoroughly chilled whips to stiff peaks in minutes.

This is the sixth annual VegNews Magazine Best of Show Awards. They generated an astounding amount of entries and buzz at Expo West. Winners receive bragging rights and a feature in the May+June 2011 issue of VegNews. The feature will also be included on the magazine’s award-winning website, VegNews.com.

Go Dairy Free | MimicCreme Releases New HealthyTop Dairy-Free ...

Green Rabbit, LLC, the parent company of MimicCreme ®, today announced the launch of its dairy products truly free, non-soy, gluten, cholesterol, long-life cream whipping is a healthy mix almonds and cashews called Top Health ®. Vegan Healthy Back ® uses all natural flavors for a deliciously creamy without hydrogenated or fractionated oils and No. 60 of polysorbate. Top Health ® does not contain fructose corn syrup, high and all its ingredients are non-GMO. HealthyTop ® is lactose free, caseinates hidden.The product is packaged in 16 ounce shelf with shelf life of 18 months and is certified Kosher Pareve under the supervision Kof-K Kosher.

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  1. “Green Rabbit, LLC is a leader in the natural food industry and continues to develop high-quality vegetarian products, under the trade names of MimicCreme® and HealthyTop®. We are pleased to honor your accomplishments with a VegNews Best of Show 
  2. Are all of these products dairy-free? Yes – by ingredients and when we wrote the review! Ingredients are subject to change and we can not verify for all products if there may be potential cross-contamination issues with dairy-containing products during 
  3. This article covers a 2-week period on either side of Thanksgiving: 19 November – 2 December. For that reason, you'll see the sales list crammed full to bursting like a ClownCar.com ($662). I was going to jettison everything below $300 to save space
  4. Some brands, like MimicCreme, achieve their thickness with finely lacerated cashews and almonds. 6. Refrigerated Dough Products: “We will probably see canola oil increase more because we know it has some benefits, and it can be very stable in these 
  5. MimicCreme is the brainchild of Colavito's 57-year-old sister, Rose Anne Jarrett, who lives in Oxford, N.J., and serves as the company's chief executive officer. She grew up with a passion for cooking, a talent she drew on when her husband Keith, a