EastEnders' week ahead: Jean stuns Stacey with her plan for a sudden wedding to Ollie

He’s always been handy with his fists, but when soldier Lee starts lashing out for no apparent reason, Nancy is worried. And her concerns double when Lee’s army sergeant arrives at the Vic asking why he hasn’t turned up for work.

Nancy is shocked when she later finds her big brother in tears and he reveals he’s been urged to get medical help. So what’s wrong?

Elsewhere, Carol and Max take a fun trip down memory lane when they go for a spin on the motorbike belonging to their deceased dad, Jim.

But sibling relations are less harmonious in the Fox household when Kim and Denise come to blows after Kim suggests her sister becomes Pearl’s nanny. The cheek of it!

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EastEnders spoilers: Stacey's key secret REVEALED as Jean spills the beans on secret safety deposit box

  1. Med projektet tar vi vårt samarbete till nästa nivå. Brothers kunder får välja mellan Lee´s två starkaste passformer, Luke “Slim Tapered” Daren “Regular Taperad” och sedan leka med kvalitéer, nitar & trådfärg mm.
  2. When Jean, played by Gillian Wright spotted THAT key the last time, the two were locked in a physical row - watched by Stacey's roommate/boyfriend Martin Fowler. EastEnders trailer: Stacey and Jean star in 'Everyone has a breaking point' - Video loading.
  3. the BBC One soap - their mother and daughter relationship became even more strained. When Jean, played by Gillian Wright spotted THAT key, all hell broke loose. EastEnders trailer: Stacey and Jean star in 'Everyone has a breaking point' - Video
  4. Jittery Jean doesn't do things by half. Hot on the heels of her surprise arrival back in Walford she stuns Stacey by announcing she's getting married to Ollie tomorrow. Her shocked daughter has barely got time to cobble together outfits for herself
  5. It is not yet known why The Legend of Billie Jean' star, who has a son, Jaden Christopher, 14, and daughter, Eliana Sophia, 12, from his first marriage, and Brittany decided to ditch their wedding plans but Christian hinted that he wanted the event to