Warming a bitter Christmas

Tiny hands opening Christmas presents. Those precious moments don’t happen without community donations, and The Intelligencer, the Bucks County Opportunity Council and the Keystone Opportunity Center facilitating the Give A Christmas project, which has donated $2.5 million to needy families since its founding.

But your donations during this holiday season will extend far beyond warming the heart of a needy child with a toy on Christmas. They’ll also help warm so many families in need — literally.

With information gathered though financial and government assistance records, the opportunity council identifies families in dire need of help to pay their electricity and heating bills. Last year, donations to Give A Christmas paid utility bills for 113 families.

Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner

My dishwasher started leaving deposits on my dishes, glassware to my look rather unattractive. I used glitter, and deposits have ceased. Today, half a glass already had my deposit, and cleaning the dishwasher * * do not remove existing deposits from * * the dishes, but it prevents new ones. Glassware which has not yet deposits and was washed after using Glisten did not have deposits. And that is what I expected of Glisten, and it worked.

For dishes that had deposits, I used LemiShine, which cleans deposits on dishes * *.

GLISTEN held to be descriptive of purpose of cleaning products

  1. Get the bathroom to glisten quickly with cleaners that work hard so you don't have to. EnduroShield can cut your shower cleaning time to 1/10th of what you are used to. It creates a surface that is easy to clean, repels hard water, soap scum, and grime
  2. On October 30 2012 IOIP Holdings filed an application for the registration of the word sign GLISTEN as a CTM for the following products in Class 3 of the Nice Classification: “cleaning preparations for dishwashers; cleaning preparations for washing
  3. In the spotlight of the stage where her red dress glistens and her smile carries and her hand waves gracefully to the sea of faces watching, nothing else matters. Sarah Curran, like the seven other young women and girls who stood on the stage before
  4. Somewhere around my son's 14th birthday, I grew weary of "gently reminding" him to stop wolfing down his food and to clean up his room. Of course he called these gentle reminders nagging, and we both came to realize it wasn't a good thing. So how do
  5. David Cameron was engrossed in his daily 4pm strategy meeting with George Osborne in 10 Downing Street when an aide appeared and slipped a sheet of paper in front of him. It was a copy of a gushing profile of Theresa May in Spectator Life magazine.