THE INTERNET OF SMELLS: Startups Race To Cash In On The Latest Fad

The device in her hand is the oPhone, which isn't a phone at all. It's a finger-sized plastic cylinder that encases four oChips, each holding four distinct odors captured in wax. "Like ink cartridges for aroma," Edwards says. Those 16 aromas, called oNotes, are the handiwork of an aroma expert who reduced a variety of scents down to their component parts, creating a periodic table of smells. The first oPhones will be able to piece those elements together into hundreds of aromas. Future versions will produce thousands, Edwards says. When the oPhone goes on sale later this year, users will be able to send those scents via a mobile app, which will also host a social network enabling users to share personalized aromas. Think of it as an Instagram for smells.

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