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Highly recommend this product ...... After finding myself going to the store every month and buy refills for plug-ins at $ 3 - $ 5 I've been interested in this machine. Wonderful item. I bought this and it has met all expectations. Creating Perfect for your home. I love this product! It really works and smells good. I just bought Scentstories after looking for several months. Absolutely the BEST thing ever! OMG!Good prodcut, according to the story "I loved Febreeze spray to remove odors from my home - smells of mildew, pet odors and scents that linger in the kitchen seem to disappear when I use on my Febreeze upholstery and curtains. Yankee Candle More Player Scentstories - Match Made in Heaven. I had two players home Febreze Scentstories about a year and a half. Glad I have one. This is a cool little feature, which will certainly Garner questions from your guests. Efficient and profitable.The price of what can be frightening at first, it seems a bit much to spend on air freshner "but if you" go "smell the way I am, it's worth it. Love this machine. I I bought the Scentstories about a year ago.

Sensing Opportunity in Dormitory Air

  1. Harvard professor David Edwards is sitting on the back of a couch at Le Laboratoire, the art and design studio he opened in Paris seven years ago. His casual perch and thick-rimmed glasses make him look more student than teacher, but the thicket of
  2. One of the first Febreze air freshener products was designed to look like a CD player. Febreze Scentstories, released in 2004, features “stop” and “play” buttons and “discs” that radiate scents rather than music. The disc titled “Wandering Barefoot on
  3. The latest and arguably most curious of the home fragrance products is the heavily marketed $35 Scentstories machine by Febreze, which is a kind of CD player for smells. Just plug it in and insert a themed disc -- "relaxing in a hammock" for example