Lovely & livable

A crisp autumn afternoon doesn't get better than settling into a cozy chair on the screened porch, soaking in the change of seasons.

Big porches on the back and front of the home were in the original plans for this Denver home. "It makes it feel homey to me, and brings the outdoors in," says the homeowner. It doesn't hurt that the one-year-old home built by Lanus Construction takes advantage of the lot's views. Thoughtful landscaping gives it an air of being well-established.

From the start, the homeowner set her sights on a casual, comfortable place to call home. "My main goal was to stay on one level since I was moving from a two-story house. I wanted a spacious and open floor plan and a conversation area where more than just a couple of people could sit down and visit."

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Elektrische temperatuurregeling nu ook voor wanden

  1. Total Flooring Supplies Inc. sells Schluter products for shower systems, Ditra heat for floor warming, water proofing, and vapour management. Whether you favour porcelain, ceramic or stone tiles, Total Flooring Supplies uses a brand name that has been 
  2. Afzonderlijk gedefinieerde en behaaglijk warme zones creëren: dat kan met de Schlüter-Ditra-Heat-E elektrische vloertemperatuurregeling. Wat tot voor kort alleen mogelijk was voor vloerbekledingen uit keramiek of natuursteen, kan met dezelfde 
  3. The system is called DITRA-HEAT, and it comes from German tile accessory maker Schluter Systems. This is the same company that created modern uncoupling membranes for boosting the crack resistance of ceramic and porcelain floors, and DITRA-HEAT 
  4. GUATEMALA 1. TAKIMI: Angie Hidalgo, Ditra Martinez, Rubi Ventura, Keshy Solarzano, Michelle Herrera, Joze Corado, Fernando Marotta, Eunice Lopez, Yuvitza Mayen, Alma Mendez, Coralina Grande. GOLLER: 15-73-74'üncü dakikada Ventura, 21-72'nci 
  5. La Policía Nacional, a través de la Ditra, autorizará la movilización de maquinaria y cargas con el fin de atender situaciones de caso fortuito o fuerza mayor sobre la red vial nacional. Para tener control total sobre el tráfico vehicular, se instaló