KEN MOON: Black grunge in your toilet bowl means time to replace parts

Answer: You probably need to replace the parts in your tank. Older black rubber flapper valves and floats deteriorate over time from sitting in water 24/7. Buy a new flapper and fill valve in a combination pack. I like the FluidMaster brand. It's very homeowner friendly and pretty cheap - about $14.

When you remove the old parts, wear some plastic gloves. If you don't, the black surface of those old parts will rub off onto your hands, and it's as difficult to get off as if it were paint.

Dear Ken: We are building a new home at 7,500 feet. What is your advice regarding steel, aluminum or vinyl siding? Also, how about radiant heat versus baseboard? - Bill

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) - The New Gas Line ...

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how great PEX tubing, and today I will discuss the equivalent for gas piping - pipes corrugated stainless steel, which is commonly known as CSST. It is a product that can be used to distribute natural gas or propane throughout the buildings.

A very brief history of the CSST

The main attraction of the CSST, that it is flexible and relatively easy to install compared to the standard gas piping.The gas connections to the pipework must be screwed laboriously, and the pipe itself must be measured, cut, bored, threaded, then cleaned. With the CSST tubing just gets cut to length and a fitting attached to the end. It is easy to understand why it has become a popular product.

Supply House Times Profile: Ward Mfg.

  1. Teel's death highlights an ongoing debate over the safety of the piping - known as corrugated stainless steel tubing, or CSST - which has been installed in as many as 10 million U.S. homes since the 1990s, according to some manufacturers' estimates
  2. In that basket, we have our staples, which are fittings, pipe nipples and CSST, and we're going to migrate into fire protection. Our goal is to continue providing leadership in the industry and to add items under our umbrella that meet the needs of our
  3. This has been a nightmare,” said Ken Teel, Brennen's father. Garett Nelson, the Lubbock Fire Marshal, determined the fire started with the yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing in the attic. CSST are flexible tubes used to pipe gas to furnaces and
  4. Some engineers advocate replacing CSST with black iron pipe. However CSST makers argue black pipe has its own risks including more joints that can develop leaks and cause explosions. And because black iron pipe is not flexible like CSST it can crack 
  5. For years companies that make CSST, which is used to pipe gas to appliances mostly in newer homes, have said most lightning fires can be prevented if CSST is connected or “bonded” to an electrical grounding system in the house. But, experts who have