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I do not think my method for the cultivation of cereal grass can be considered strictly hydroponics, but the soil is free, ie, I use a combination of peat moss and vermiculite Hoffman Hoffman Canadian (it's free of chemicals - they want to see that if you intend to eat what you grow).I have also used fertilizer kelp SeaStart, which does an excellent job, but since I am not using the land and rely on extra lighting, I tried to take a notch fertilization. I use corn and Handy Pantryran through AZOMITE (sorry, I have a character Small Caps) on their website. I liked what I read and on this basis, decided to give it a shot.br / My culture trays standard apartments are smaller so I mix a tablespoon with my half AZOMITE seedling dry, after which I dipped my solution kelp (which now add 5 drops per liter of Nutri-biotic GSF in place to help fight against mold).And really give a boost - I am more and more beautiful, healthy lawn that is (I guess) ofjuice as complete as the grass can be (which is certainly not much - the grass is after all) and is ready to harvest just over week after starting to soak the seeds for the pre-sprouting.br / My suggestion is that if you are looking for a second crop of grass has already been cut, give it a watering can containing a second dose of AZOMITE the original spoon is used in much of the first harvest. Do not be afraid to combine with another AZOMITE safe, manure SeaStart - complementeach other very well.br / Wheatgrass is something of a pain to grow at home and AZOMITE really contributed to my success, in spite of my thumb Brown. I can not imagine that it works as well or better on plants that are not as picky.

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  1. For Bailey and Lemire that includes cover crops for their fields in rotation, planted with a succession of nutrient-rich plants that might include buckwheat, radishes, turnips and Crimson clover. Soil amendments might include soybean meal, fish meal
  2. We put some Azomite for some trace minerals in the planting furrow. We also put some of the Azomite in the broccoli and cabbage beds and the leaves are huge and a nice green color. Marcia put some in her flower beds and we have blossoms on the annual 
  3. He found the convenient, pelleted amendment from a company called Tiger Industries in Canada. Besides the sulfur, Bocock works in kelp and crab shells. And Azomite is another favorite addition since it adds trace elements that are beneficial to soil