Try hydrogen peroxide on weeds

Answer: Organic sprays won’t work with a hose-end sprayer. You need to use a backpack or power sprayer. Trusting a cheap hose-end sprayer to make the proper mixture just wastes your time and money. You need a sprayer that puts out the mixture that you have created.


Question: My mother and I put a lot of money and effort into our first box gardens this spring. We were so excited, and then it started raining. Things aren’t going so well now. We planted our gardens the first week of April, and they look awful. The top of the dirt is hard. Mom thinks the soil is too hot. If I remember right, it is about a quarter compost and the rest topsoil. We got it from a nice company that sells only dirt. I think part of our problem is that water stands in the garden when there’s a hard rain. We put weed blocker and a layer of cardboard on the bottom. We know we’ll probably need to replant, but we sure don’t want this to happen again. Should we mix in more top soil? How can we help it drain better?

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I do not think my method for the cultivation of cereal grass can be considered strictly hydroponics, but the soil is free, ie, I use a combination of peat moss and vermiculite Hoffman Hoffman Canadian (it's free of chemicals - they want to see that if you intend to eat what you grow).I have also used fertilizer kelp SeaStart, which does an excellent job, but since I am not using the land and rely on extra lighting, I tried to take a notch fertilization. I use corn and Handy Pantryran through AZOMITE (sorry, I have a character Small Caps) on their website. I liked what I read and on this basis, decided to give it a / My culture trays standard apartments are smaller so I mix a tablespoon with my half AZOMITE seedling dry, after which I dipped my solution kelp (which now add 5 drops per liter of Nutri-biotic GSF in place to help fight against mold).And really give a boost - I am more and more beautiful, healthy lawn that is (I guess) ofjuice as complete as the grass can be (which is certainly not much - the grass is after all) and is ready to harvest just over week after starting to soak the seeds for the / My suggestion is that if you are looking for a second crop of grass has already been cut, give it a watering can containing a second dose of AZOMITE the original spoon is used in much of the first harvest. Do not be afraid to combine with another AZOMITE safe, manure SeaStart - complementeach other very / Wheatgrass is something of a pain to grow at home and AZOMITE really contributed to my success, in spite of my thumb Brown. I can not imagine that it works as well or better on plants that are not as picky.

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  1. Well, I like to use Azomite [if he is going to use a fertilizer], which is from volcanos and has 70 of the 90. And then there is kelp, which has basically all of the 90. And this is why my compost tea machine is so important. It helps us extract and
  2. I also use Azomite, Glacial Rock Dust, Gypsum (yes, it is a form of rock dust), MSR Soft Rock Phosphate (a naturally mined rock dust), naturally mined Magnesium, GSR Calcium, Planters trace mineral, Fertrell, a natural and organic mineral source. These
  3. I did it, I jumped the gun and planted some tomatoes this week. I just couldn't help myself! I was at the West End Market, which is every Tuesday, and I couldn't resist this white cherry tomato called “Snow Queen” one of the vendors was selling
  4. AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc., has appointed AG industry veteran, Mr. Marty Campfield, to the company's growing Soil Products Division as Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing. The addition of Mr. Campfield ushers in a new era for the 
  5. Azomite has been used in conjunction with N-P-K for over 65 years to create healthier more nutrient dense plants with better disease resistance, improved germination rates, healthier root systems and higher yields in a multitude of different plants